1946 born in Berlin

1966 - 1973     university study / experimental physics @ TU-Berlin

1973 - 1978     assistent lecturer @ TU Berlin 

1979                phd in solid state physics

1979-1982       Innovation centre Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG

1982 bis 2014 Heinrich-Hertz-Institute Berlin, since 2002:  Fraunhofer Institute for

                        Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut


Main professional experience up to retirement:

Project manager of national and europaen research projects on optoelectronic integrated circuits (ICs) for telecommunication and biomedial sensor applications.


Fine arts:

First sporadical activities in painting using acrylic and crayon after university-entrance diploma,

upon retirement, more intense renewal of abstract painting and working on 2 ½-dimensional structures in gypsum and spatting compound in 2012 using light-shadow effects.



Intermediale 16th July 2015 (http://intermediale.novus.me)

Teltower Kunst-Sonntag 1st Nov. 2015


Berliner Sparkasse, Berlin, 15 Oct. 2015 - 30 March 2016

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, 14 - 19 Oct 2016


Teltower Kunst-Sonntag 6th Nov. 2016


Kunstmarkt der Generationen, Berlin,  24th June 2017

Abstract art of Helmut Heidrich, Cafe Sibylle, Berlin, March 2018

Teltower Kunst-Sonntag 4th Nov.2018

Gallery Aulich, Febr. 2019

Friedenskirche Berlin, Sept. 2019


Videos in youtube:






My son is freelancer in video-design: http://vimeo.com/chrisheidrich